Lunch Facts

School Lunch Programs
Tisket A Tasket school lunch program is specifically designed to get more students to eat lunch which will earn more money for your school! We accomplish this by using the four P’s¹: Product, Price, Place and Promotion!  Our Product (meal) is always fresh, colorful and kid- friendly.  Different colors, fresh fruits and vegetables entice children and satisfy their taste buds.  Price compatibility allows us to offer the best price so that you will get the most for your money.  Remember, the cost is not only about money spent – It’s time,  food quality, convenience and productivity. Place and Promotion is why our research team focuses on high quality, tasty food and fun choices.  We make our well balanced meals look more appealing to students so they are more likely to eat everything on their plate. Ask us how we can assist in developing the best lunch program for your school.  Customer Service Representative are standing by to assist you with all of your catering needs.  Whether it’s prepared daily at one of our state-of-the-art industrial kitchens, pre-packaged or one of our famous grill days at your school site; we are ready to serve your students a complete meal that is both tasty and cost effective.