Craft Services

We are a professional in production catering and craft services. Tisket A Tasket Catering & Food Services has catered to production crews in motion picture, special event, fashion productions and corporate pharmaceutical engagements to name a few. Our professionalism and customer service creates an atmosphere of comfort that production companies can rely on time and time again, around the clock.

Keep your crew happy and energized with our craft service station tailored to meet any budget. Whether your productions budget is $500.00 or $50,000.00 we can accommodate your every crew needs based on your budget.

Your craft service station will feature an all day selection of assorted delectable snacks including fruits, nuts, protein bars, assorted cheese platter, chips and dips. A fresh pot of Black Coffee will be made available at all times.

*these charges apply to all craft services*

Full service attendant: $275.00 per day(10hrs) $325.00 per day (12hrs)*
Assistant attendant: $325.00 per day (12hr) {Required for 40+ people}
Shopping/prep day: $250.00 (for 1-3 days of production)
Setup/breakdown: $40.00 per day
Equipment kit rental: $125.00 per day

Refreshment Budget: Varies per production company. We will work with whatever amount you are able to spend on craft services.

**Additional $30.00 required for 12-15 hour days**
*3rd Assistant required for 80+ people*