Breakfast Facts

Parents and teachers know it and research confirms it; Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and eating breakfast helps students do their best in school.  Currently, more than one million California children qualify for free or reduced breakfast.  Yet more than 1,400 California schools do not offer school breakfast program.

Most of us already know…

  • Busy families in the morning rush may skip breakfast
  • Kids may not be hungry before they reach school
  • Eating breakfast at school can help kids perform better in class
  • At schools that serve breakfast, fewer students arrive late or go to the nurse’s office
  • Kids who eat school breakfast are twice as likely to meet the “5-A-Day” goal for fruits and vegetables
  • Offering free breakfast to all students increases participation and improves school attendance and classroom behavior

No meal is as important as a healthy breakfast so consider making the school breakfast program your top priority!  A healthy school breakfast will help students be better prepared for the day but only if the students eat it.  Therefore, school breakfasts have to look, taste, and smell good.  They also have to be served at handy times and places for today’s busy students.  Tisket A Tasket Catering & Food Services offers several breakfast programs that coincide with state guidelines and will increase student participation.  

We’re equipped to handle all breakfast plans including…

  • Universal Classroom Breakfast – breakfast served to every child in the classroom regardless of status
  • Second Chance Breakfast – pre-packaged & available ’til noon
  • Grab-N-Go Breakfast – pre-packaged & easily accessible
  • Breakfast on the bus – for students with long commutes
  • Classroom Breakfast – teachers can take roll, announced daily news, and/or read all while the children are eating the most important meal of the day!
  • Or the traditional Breakfast Meal / Reimbursement plan